I have been in the school picture business since 2007.  Whether infant or 12th grader or dancer, we give each child/student individual attention.  The backrounds we provide are well thought out, age appropriate and ultimatley make the student the star of the picture.We quickly respond to all inquiries.

Are you a parent?  You can be assured that there are always 2 of us conducting pictures, making sure each student looks their best and that we get their attention. We conduct picture day in a safe and clean manner, working with each school to follow best practices.  Each student receives their own private gallery code and you will receive this code shortly after picture day with instructions on how to use it.We offer innovative photo products and do not require a minumum order amount.  If you are not happy with your pictures, you can return them for a full refund within 2 weeks of delivery.

Choosing how to dress:  We include a sample of what we will be using as a background and props on our informational Parent letter, which will be sent out by the school.  We try to do all pictures outdoors, but in the event of inclement weather, we may have to go to an indoor setup.  Do dress your child to suit their personality.  At some schools, the area we take pictures against is very verdant with shrubbery and plantings, and I recommend against mid to dark green clothing in this case so your child is not ‘lost’ in the picture. Neon colors are also not recommended.

Are you a school administrator?  You can be assured that we will team with you on scheduling and school proceedures.  We provide informational letters for both staff and parents and flyers for posting at the school.  School photos are now all online.  

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